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Tired of offering fragmented tools? Give your clients the ultimate package: fully automated smart flows, complete CRM, and personalized messaging – all white-labeled with your clients brand.

1. Create a FREE Agency account

Create a FREE Agency account where you can manage all your clients account.

2. Create accounts for your clients

Reply Agent was carefully designed to make it super easy to manage multiple accounts while keeping each account completely separate.

3. Set your own price and markup

Set your own price for each account, users, and custom domains. Take total control of the price and keep 100% of the profit.


Benefits and Features

The White Label feature of Reply Agent offers several advantages, including consistent branding, a professional appearance, enhanced client trust, reputation building, and potential of high revenue generation. It sets you apart from competitors, improves scalability, and provides greater control over the platform's customization.


Complete Messaging platform

Integrate your customers with the world's most popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, SMS and Calls.


Manage all clients from one single place

Create Workspaces for each of your customers and manage them all from a single Agency account.


Custom Access Control

You can pause, resume, and delete each of the Workspaces and block access to the Workspace for any Agent.


Custom Branding

Ability to brand the Workspaces with your clients own logo, colors and domain to the value of your solution.


API & Webhooks

Seamlessly connect your clients' Workspaces to external platforms using the, API or Webhooks.


Total control

Unlike other platforms, you have complete control over client Workspaces.

Marketing, Sales & Support

Who is it for?

We offer a turnkey solution that includes everything you need to start and manage a successful online business.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Provides services for businesses on online marketing, sales, or customer service.

Digital Freelancers

Provides consulting and tech implementation for businesses such as CRMs, automations, or system integrations.

Enterprise Businesses

Enterprise business, franchises and MLM companies are just some examples that could benefit from our White Label program.

Marketing, Sales & Support

Chatbots to the World's favorite messaging apps

We offer a turnkey solution that includes everything you need to start and manage a successful online business.

Who can you sell to?

Any business that provides customer service, online marketing or have an online presence, needs Reply Agent.

Instagram influencers

Youtube influencers


Real Estate



Online Teachers

Insurance Reps

Online Programs


Car Dealership

Yoga Studio


Call Centers

MLM Companies


Hair salons


Online & Offline events


Equipment rental

Audio & Video Services

...any business that needs to sell, market or offer customer support online.


What is a Agency account?

An agency account is a central hub that gives you full control over the workspaces of your clients. You can create workspaces for each of your clients and customize them with their branding, permissions, and settings. You can also add Agents, manage settings, and analytics for each workspace.


What is a Workspace?

Think of workspaces as sub-accounts. Each workspace has its own domain, login page, and branding, which you can customize with your or your clients' logo for a personalized experience.


What is an Agent?

Think of agents as users that you can create and manage within each workspace. You can give them secure, unique logins and customize their permission levels for each area of the workspace. You can even give them access to specific groups of contacts.


How many FREE accounts can I create?

To maintain a professional service and ensure fair usage of the application, each agency can create one free Workspace. Additional Worspaces are charged as described in our pricing page.


How do I charge my clients?

Reply Agent does not handle payments from your clients. You must charge your clients using your own payment system. We will soon introduce API's for you to automate this entrire process.


Can I block access from clients that doesn't pay?

As the agency owner, you and your team have complete control over every workspace and agent in it. You can block access, delete agents, or delete workspaces as needed.


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