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Artificial intelligence

Let the Ai handle all of your customers inquiries, automatically. 🤩

Deliver intent-driven conversational experiences at scale with Reply Agent and A.i!

Meta Verified Business

Extreme intelligence

Picture having someone there around the clock, always ready to answer questions about your products and services, no matter the hour...

human support


So intelligent that your customers will feel like they are chating to a human,

round the clock support

Round the clock support

Automated chatbots capable of providing answers to inquiries regarding your business's products and services 24h per day.


human support

It's like having your best employee on duty 24/7, never missing a day of work and never calling in sick!

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ChatGPT Chatbots

Real-time, perfect responses. Everytime!

Never keep your customers waiting for answers to simple questions, let the Ai provide perfect answers to any question about your products and services!

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Experience the freedom to create logical, AI, or hybrid chatbots without relying on external apps or tools.

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Even though the chatbot operates on A.I, the level of humanization creates an experience that closely simulates interacting with a real person!

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Create your own Ai using your company's products and services data. Simply upload a PDF or enter your website URL to quickly train your own Ai!

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Add your chatbot to any website or use our trigger links to add your chatbot  anywhere, like: emails, documents, QR-codes, Youtube descriptions, etc...

WhatsApp Automation

Create you very own Ai

Experience how easy it is to create your own Ai that answer questions about products and services automatically! Use our URL scrapper, which can extract data from your website (and various other sources such as websites, Google Docs, Notion pages, etc...). Additionally, you also have the option to upload documents in various formats like text, PDF, and Docx to further enrich your training data.

Let the Ai save your precious time!

Embrace the new reality and let the Ai handle your sales and support inquiries on autopilot. It's time to ride the wave of the future in customer engagement with Reply Agent and Ai! 🚀💬💯


Let the Ai handle the sales and questions about your products and services


Never leave your customers waiting ever again, let the Ai engage immediatelly with your customers.


Save your time and improve customer satisfaction by providing answers in real-time, anytime.
Messaging apps

Integrate your custom Ai with the world's favorite messaging channels in just a few clicks!

Integrate your Ai with the world's most popular messaging apps to handle all your customers inquiries automatically, directly in the apps your customer already use it.

WhatsApp ChatGPT


Meet your customers in the messaging apps that they already use! Answer all your customer questions in real-time, directly in WhatsApp.

Instagram ChatGPT

Instagram DM's

Meet your customers in the messaging apps that they already use! Answer all your customer questions in real-time, directly in Instagram.

Messenger ChatGPT

Meet your customers in the messaging apps that they already use! Answer all your customer questions in real-time, directly in Messenger.

Telegram ChatGPT

Meet your customers in the messaging apps that they already use! Answer all your customer questions in real-time, directly in Telegram.

WhatsApp integrations
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Extend the Ai Functionalities

Integrate with
External Apps 🔌

Reply Agent has your back with some seriously cool integrations. We're talking native integration with awesome tools like Microsoft Text To Speech, Cloudinary, Twilio, ActiveCampaign and others. Plus, with our native integration with, you can dive into a world of other amazing tools like Calendly, Shopify, Woocommerce and a jaw-dropping 1600+ more! 🚀💥😎

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Integrate with Apps that you already use.

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Centralize all your data.

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API's and Webhooks available.

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Integrate with 1600+ more through!

Ai Chatbot

All the cool features to skyrocket your success 🚀

Everything you need to create your own powerful Ai chatbot trained with your own data.

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Multiple data

Train your Ai with your own business products and services specific information.

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Instruct the Ai to respond with the tone and behavior that you want. You have total control on how the Ai should respond.

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97 international

The Ai will answer in the same language that the question was made. Perfect for international sales and support.

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Your own
API key

Bring your own API key from ChatGPT. You have total control on costs and utilization.

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Multiple GTP

Select between ChatGPT model 3.5-turbo-0125 or gpt-4-0125-preview.

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Embed on your blog, website or use our trigger links to trigger from email signatures, QR codes and more.


Get to know more about our official integration with WhatsApp.

How much it costs?

We do not charge extra for the Knowledge bases.

How many tokens are normally consumed?

The token usage depends on how much Ai conversation history you are storing, how large is the instruction and the customer question that is sent to ChatGPT to process the question.

Can I create multiple knowledge bases?

Of course! You can create as many as you want as long you do not cross the limit of 1,000,000 tokens per Workspace.

What happens if I need to cross the tokens limit to create my knowledge base?

You will be charged $15 per 1,000,000 extra tokens. Please note that ChatGPT costs are payable directly to ChatGPT.

Do I need a credit card in my ChatGPT account in order to use this feature?

Yes, you will need to have a credit card on file in your ChatGPT account, otherwise, the API will not be able to create your Knowledge base within ChatGPT.

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