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Simple and Powerful CRM with native integration with Pipelines, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Calls, SMS and Telegram to Boost Organization and Sales.

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This is how you Win!

3 Easy Steps that will help you increase sales

Set up you pipelines

Create the stages of your sales process, add your opportunities or automate opportunity creation based on your contacts actions.

Do more in less time

Automate your pipeline distribution with a fully integrated automation system, create and assign opportunities automatically.

Track your success

Enterprise business, franchises and MLM companies are just some examples that could benefit from our White Label program.

WhatsApp Multimedia Messages

Upload Contacts

Easily import your contact list .csv file using our intelligent contact importer feature

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Import multiple columns

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Validate data during import session

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Easily import thousands of contacts


Segment Contacts

Segment and categorize a list of contacts or subscribers into distinct groups or segments based on specific criteria or characteristics. This segmentation allows for more targeted and personalized communication, enabling your businesses and organizations to tailor your messages and marketing strategies to the unique needs and preferences of each segment.

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Enhanced Personalization

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Improved Targeting

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Better Engagement and Retention

WhatsApp Broadcast Messages
Facebook Ads for WhatsApp

Create Pipelines

Use our sales pipeline to visually manage your sales process. It is a crucial tool for sales teams and businesses to manage and monitor their sales efforts effectively.

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Better lead management

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Streamline your sales process, making it more efficient

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Focus on the important stages of the sales processes


Automated Pipelines

Improve efficiency, reduce manual intervention, and enhance the overall management of leads, prospects, and sales opportunities as they move through your pipelines.

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Automate sales opportunities creation

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Automate sales opportunities distribution

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Automate sales opportunities notifications

WhatsApp forms

Custom Fields

Save relevant customer data in custom fields to segment, personalize and deliver a relevant customer experience.


Unlimited Tags to segment, categorize and track your contacts behavior.

Multiple E-mails and Phone

Save multiple phone numbers and e-mails addresses in the same contact.

No contact duplication

No headaches of multiple contacts with the same email, phone number, WhatsApp number, etc...

Live Chat

CLive Chat

Find the sweet spot between letting chatbots do their thing and keeping that human touch alive. 😄

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White Label Messaging Automation

Contact Management

Pipelines and Customer Relationship Management is included with every account right out of the box. This means you can effortlessly handle your sales, contacts, and customer support hassle-free! 🚀

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White Label Messaging Automation


Collaborate on sales opportunities and activities with other teams and agents. Share updates on sales, support and wins. 🚀

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White Label Messaging Automation
Smart Flow

Pipeline Automation

Create pipelines, assign sales opportunities to specific agents or teams, all based on system events or contact's behavior and interests. It's like a magic wand for saving time, boosting customer happiness, and ramping up those sales. 🚀📱😄

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A CRM Fully Integrated with the World's Most Popular Messaging Apps

Create pipeline opportunities based on chats, send messages to contacts based on events triggered by your pipeline, create ooportunities based on contacts behaviour and interests and much more. All connected with the world's most popular messaging apps.


Chat, automate tasks, and customer support on the world's most popular messaging app.

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Direct message, automate tasks, and customer support on Instagram.

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Chat, automate tasks, and customer support on Messenger.

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Chat, automate tasks, and customer support on Telegram.

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Text, automate tasks, and customer support with SMS.

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Automate tasks, and customer support with automated calling.

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