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Reach a global audience faster with Telegram 💬

Automate, Engage, and Support your Customers. Your All-in-One Solution for Sales, Marketing and Support with Reply Agent and Telegram!

Start using Telegram the easy way

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Experience a streamlined tech integration with no bureaucracy—simply efficient and available for free on a global scale!

Get started in minutes

Getting started is super easy and takes less than a minute to integrate.

Scale with a global presence

Telegram is a well-known messaging channel all over the world. It can be used to reach millions of Telegram users around the globe as an alternative communication channel.

Multichannel capability

Telegram can be used alone or as part of a multichannel strategy. You can embed links on your website to direct traffic to your Telegram chatbot and collect phone numbers and email addresses for a multichannel strategy.

WhatsApp Multimedia Messages

Engagement Growth

Engaging Conversations with rich media

Dive into the world of rich-text messaging on Telegram! With the ability to share images, text, audio, documents, links, files, and interactive buttons, you can craft conversations that your customers will absolutely adore!

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Send and Receive Text, Images, Video & Audio Messages.

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Buttons for Quick Replies

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Send and Receive Files & Documents


Growth in Lead Generation


Broadcasting messages to a large audience on Telegram is now easier than ever.

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Re-engage effortlessly in conversations.

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Send timely notifications.

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Reach thousands of contacts with just a few clicks.

WhatsApp Broadcast Messages
Facebook Ads for WhatsApp

Increase ROI

Great for Quizzes, Tests or Games

Unlock the full potential of your Facebook Ads by seamlessly sending leads directly to your Messenger Smart Flow.

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Engage prospects with a highly captivating approach.

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Create dynamic results based on points.

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Engage prospects with a highly captivating approach.


Conversion Growth

Better than traditional forms

Experience the power of Facebook Messenger chatbots, where you can effortlessly collect any information just like a regular form, but with the added charm of a natural and conversational approach.

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Collect e-mails, phone numbers, numbers, dates and custom fields.

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Automatically collect contact name and profile photo.

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Transform the chat into a conversational form.

WhatsApp forms
Live Chat

Telegram Live Chat & Shared Inbox

All your Telegram chats organized in a single place! Find the sweet spot between letting Telegram chatbots do their thing and keeping that human touch alive. 😄

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White Label Messaging Automation

Telegram CRM

Pipelines and Contact Management features are included with every account and integrates with your Telegram chatbots right out of the box. This means you can effortlessly handle your sales, contacts, and customer support like a pro! 🚀

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WhatsApp Launch
White Label Messaging Automation

Unlock Immediate Results on Telegram. Right Here, Right Now! 🚀

Rev up your strategy! Say farewell to old-school marketing, sales, and support. Join the forefront of customer engagement with Reply Agent and Telegram! 🚀💬💯


Qualify Leads
Recover Abandoned Carts
Send Coupons & Promotions


Get Followers
‍Collect Feedback
Share Updates


Confirm Orders
Answer Questions
Book Appointments
Send Reminders
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ChatGPT Chatbots

Create AI chatbots for your Telegram in minutes. Yes, it's that easy!

ReplyAgent gives you the easiest way to create AI chatbots that Keep Your Customers Happy 24/7 on Telegram, responds to inquiries about your own business and sells your products and services on autopilot!

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Add your business, products and service details (text or files), to effectively train your Telegram chatbot with personalized information.

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NEW - Our OpenAI Whisper integration enables seamless transcription of audio to text, effortlessly handling various formats, including voice messages.

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Create your own Ai using your company's data, products, and services. Simply upload a PDF or enter your website URL to quickly train your own Ai!

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Watch your Telegram handle questions related to your business, products and services in over 97 languages, 24h per day on autopilot.

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WhatsApp Automation
WhatsApp integrations
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Extend Telegram Functionalities

Integrate with
External Apps 🔌

Reply Agent has your back with some seriously cool integrations. We're talking native integration with awesome tools like Microsoft Text To Speech, Cloudinary, Twilio, ActiveCampaign, ElevenLabs and ChatGPT. Plus, with our native integration with Make.com, you can dive into a world of other amazing tools like Calendly, Shopify, Woocommerce and a jaw-dropping 1600+ more! 🚀💥😎

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Integrate with Apps that you already use.

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Centralize all your data.

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API's and Webhooks available.

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Integrate with 1600+ more through Make.com!

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Collaboration with Telegram

Collaborate with your team

Time to get things in shipshape and make teamwork a breeze! Thanks to the awesome Reply Agent and Telegram combo, your whole Team can jump in and communicate using the same account, all at once. 👥

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Distribute Telegram conversations and chats.

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Create and distribute CRM opportunities based on conversations.

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Distribute conversations within your Teams or Specific Agents.

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Limitless possibilities.

WhatsApp Automation

Automate Telegram Sales, Marketing and Support with Smart Flows 🔥

Build personalized, automated Telegram chatbots using our Visual Drag & Drop Smart Flow Builder. Create automated responses, actions, conditional logics and even some fancy A.I to it – all in a snap! 🚀📱😄

Telegram Chatbot

We have the features to create mind blowing Telegram campaigns! 🚀

Connect with external applications, organize and segment your Telegram contact list for the perfect message, for every campaign, every time!

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Connect to a variety of third-party Webhook providers, such as Google Forms, WooCommerce, Shopify, Typeform, and more. Send Telegram based on the data received from the connected Webhook.

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Reply Agent provides API endpoints that empower developers to seamlessly integrate Telegram messages with a wide array of applications.

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Website widget

Easily add your Telegram into your website using our custom widgets to initiate Telegram conversations directly from your website.

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Link trigger

Initiate automated Telegram conversations from various sources, such as Social Media Platforms, QR codes, PDFs, emails, YouTube descriptions, or anywhere you can include a link!

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Canned responses

Create pre-defined messages (Canned Responses) for use in live chat interactions, saving time and ensuring consistent messaging when addressing repetitive or predictable questions.

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Custom Fields and Tags

Use custom fields and tags to personalize your contacts on an individual level. If you need a piece of information that’s specific to each contact on your list, a custom field or tags is the perfect solution.


Get to know more about our official integration with Telegram.

How much does it costs to automate my Telegram bots with Reply Agent?

There are no extras costs from Telegram or from Reply Agent than the pricing described in the pricing page.

How many chatbots can I create?

Sure, you can add multiple Telegram chatbots but we charge an extra fee for additional Telegram bots under the same account. See in the pricing page.

Is there a limit on how many messages can I send or receive with my Telegram bot?

No, all of our plans offers unlimited messages to or from your Telegram bots.

Can I use my Telegram bots to collect email and phone numbers?

Absolutely, with Reply Agent, you have the capability to utilize Telegram bots for collecting email addresses and phone numbers. Furthermore, you can easily gather various types of information such as dates, times, text, numbers, and more by making use of Reply Agent's contact custom fields.

Is Reply Agent integrated officially with Telegram API?

Absolutely! We are proud to strictly utilize the official Telegram integration to ensure the highest standards of service and security following the Telegram guidelines.

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